Our purpose is to deliver many of the benefits of fasting with Convenience & Ease in a complete 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet
Empowering you to take control of your own health.


Key Benefits of The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Promote Cellular RenewalPromote
Cellular Renewal

Trigger autophagy, (the clean-up of old and worn out cellular components) & promote rejuvenation.

Support Metabolic HealthSupport
Metabolic Health

Maintain healthy levels of metabolic balance. Transform your lifestyle & eating habits.

Enhance Clarity and PerformanceEnhance Clarity & Performance

Customers report feeling greater focus, clarity and energy both during & after the fast.

Fat Focused Weight LossFat Focused
Weight Loss*

Fast way to lose fat (especially belly fat) while protecting lean body mass, on average 5lbs.

Scientifically formulated 5-day meal plan, so that you can FAST WITH FOOD™.

More than 20 years of research and development. Nourish your body while enjoying all the benefits of being in a fasting state. Healthy convenience you can stick to, benefits your body will thank you for.


What Customers, Experts, & the
Media Say About ProLon

I'm hooked!

What a lovely way to "fast." The meals were tasty and satisfying and felt like a wonderful reset that I was looking for. I purchased another cleanse box the day after I finished! If that doesn't speak for itself... 


Very doable fasting diet

Very doable fasting diet. Eighty percent of the time I wasn’t hungry. I was able to cook meals and not feel tortured by the cooking smells. The prepared soups and snacks are tasty and it’s surprising how little you need to feel relatively satisfied on this fast. 

Li Xian

Feeling great!

Feeling light and reset after my first fast. Going to make this diet a part of my life on a regular basis now. I highly recommend Prolon! 


I have finished my third round…

I have finished my third round of ProLon and I always feel great when I finish.


This is my third time using Pro Lon

This is my third time using Pro Lon. I love everything included in the box. I feel fantastic after I do it. I will definitely continue to use the program.