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healthy, convenient, fast.

Fast Bar is a delicious, premium nutrition bar that provides nourishment and satiety (making you feel fuller) while still signaling a fasting mode to your body by a scientifically determined combination of high-quality nuts, and other selected nutrients. Fast Bar is a non-GMO and gluten-free bar.

Fast Bar comes in the original flavor of nuts and honey (pictured here).

New, delicious flavors coming soon, including: Nuts & Nibs, and Cocoa Nuts

Experience the benefits of Fasting & Nutrition.

Fast Bar was clinically tested* as part of the ProLon®, Fasting Mimicking Diet®, is loaded with flavor and packed with healthy nutrients to satisfy food cravings, or extend your intermittent fast until your next meal.

Now you can Fast on Your Own Terms™.

*Fast Bar has not been clinically tested on its own.


Bring your body in rhythm with Fast Bar™.

Enjoy Fast Bar combined with ProLon® to enhance your intermittent fasting experience.

Snack on This!

Fast Bar provides the health benefits of a serving of nuts. It is a delicious a snack between meals - flavorful and a good source of nutrients to satisfy food cravings.

  • Use Fast Bar to extend your intermittent fast or time-restricted eating as a sustainable strategy for the benefits of weight management and a healthier diet.
  • Missing a meal due to your busy lifestyle? Fast Bar can help by providing satiety and nourishment without triggering certain food-sensing pathways.

Enjoy a Fast Bar
Every Day

We recommend not more than once a day. Fast Bar provides nourishment to your body, and for those practicing intermittent fasting, it provides support to your goals of weight management and overall wellness. Plus, Fast Bar’s great taste will have you coming back for more.

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